Exfoliating Shower Glove

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Exfoliating Shower Glove

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Revitalize your skin to a softer, smoother feel.

Sliver away rough patches to reveal an immediate smoothness and glow.

You should discard your glove/gloves 2/3 weeks after using it. So, let's just say after 1 month toss them. Try to use one glove for 30 days and then the other. That way you would only need to purchase a pair of gloves every 2 months.

Directions: Saturate in the shower or marinate in the bath for five minutes to get skin nice and supple. Place your hands inside the gloves and use with water whilst showering or bathing. Apply a small amount of any of your favorite Body Scrubs or body bars to the exfoliating mitt, and massage your skin in circular movements, focusing on uneven, rough areas. Dry skin with a towel and apply a light layer of our Whipped Body butter.

Suitable for daily use. Rinse after use and hang to dry.

**If you have rosacea, eczema, or highly sensitive skin, you should not exfoliate.