Jazmin Kamilah

I am a licensed cosmetologist with a passion for hair and makeup who aims to empower people by making them look and feel better about themselves. 

In 2015 I decided to take my talents to the next level and enroll in cosmetology school. I enrolled in Paul Mitchell Cactus Academy. Upon graduating, not only did I land a job in a salon, but I have had the opportunity of working behind the scenes at Photo shoots, New York Fashion week, Men’s Fashion Week, Small Business Fashion week and Brooklyn Fashion week.​ 

Now I devote my time to building a promising cosmetics and skincare brand, The DIVA Collection. 

Being a diva is not in the clothes and the jewelry that one wears, it pertains to the God in you. The God in you produces the beauty in your outward appearance. A true diva houses the anointing and character of the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs 31. A diva is a woman of character, an entrepreneur, and a woman of wisdom.

TheDIVACollection LLC

In 2019, I relaunched my faith based business, CrownedBeautyByJaz, as The DIVA Collection. The word DIVA stands for Divinely Inspired Virtuously Anointed. 

When The Diva Collection began, I sold hair extensions, lashes and lip gloss. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, I saw tremendous growth during quarantine. I had the time to really expand my business and I added Body butters, body scrubs, men & womens skincare and accessories. I attended numerous Pop up Shops and I was able to get my business out there, listen to the wants and needs of my customers, and network with other small business owners. I noticed that I spent a lot of time talking with other young women about the ins and outs of having a small business. 

 For 2021 I’ve decided to provide small business support, starter kits and wholesale items to help Divas start their own businesses! I also hope to host pop up shops to showcase Small Black Businesses in the area. 

Stay tuned, The DIVA Collection has a lot in store! 

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